News: Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare

On May 29, 2023 Marco Polo, which was in charge of the ligurian pilot, took the opportunity to organize an event focused on the nutritional aspects and related issues of the Silver generation. 

All project partners from Liguria joined together and shared the results of the NECTAR project, the CGE pilot course, the role of CGE in primary food care, and future collaboration opportunities and initiatives in active aging policies.

The partners took also the opportunity to discuss about the necessary steps to insert the CGE qualification in the Ligurian Repository of Professional Figures.


…and also the last NECTAR project meeting was successfully concluded!

On May 4 and 5, at the University of Graz, Partners took the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the project, share different experiences and analyze the first results of pilot courses in Italy (Campania and Liguria Regions), Portugal, Austria, and Belgium. A special focus was put on dissemination and scaling up activities and the next steps to define the framework for the CGE Curriculum credit transfer, through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Updates on the NECTAR pilot in Belgium

ODISEE partner share what is happing on the NECTAR pilot in Belgium.

For the last number of years a “Chef Gastro-engineering” training programme has been offered to chefs/cooks working, or wishing to work, in healthcare institutions (hospitals, WZC, etc.) In Flanders and the Netherlands. Chefs/Cooks working in health and care settings prepare meals for patients and older adults often who have specific care needs where meals have to be tailored to address these (e.g. malnutrition in the elderly, severe loss of taste due to cancer or other problems, swallowing disorders, etc.). The NECTAR, Erasmus+ Project commenced in 2020 and will develop a new occupational profile for chefs/cooks working in health and care settings, Chef Gastro-engineering, along with a new European curriculum for this profession. The curriculum is currently being piloted in 5 regions across Europe including Belgium and the aim is for it to lead to a new Graduate programme offered by VET providers. Chef Gastro-engineering students in Belgium are currently undertaking their curriculum modules within the Facility Management program offered by the Centre for Gastrology, through the distance learning track.

Additional information in Dutch is shared in this flyer

The Belgium Pilot has been launched.

ODISEE launches the NECTAR Project’s Chef Gastro-engineering programme for the Belgium Pilot Site.

ODISEE recently launched the NECTAR Chef Gastro-engineering programme developed specifically for the Belgium Pilot Site. The programme, which will be delivered by Odisee University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Center for Gastrology, offers students the opportunity to follow one or more modules of the Chef Gastro-engineering curriculum developed within the NECTAR project. The content of these modules is closely related to the topics that are also covered within the Bachelor’s programme Facility Management (FM). The modules covered in the programme are: Communication; Process and Project Management; Human Resources Management; Finance and Procurement (1); and Finance and Procurement (2).


The Belgium Pilot Site is currently recruiting students to the programme.


Further information is available at


The 17th of November NECTAR will be promoted at Convivio Mediterraneo.


NECTAR engages with local and national stakeholders in Campania and Italy to promote the concepts and values behind the project, and the emerging lessons from pilot

Read the Workshop Details and download the detailed agenda.
The event will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube in the Convivio Mediterraneo pages. s

NECTAR Presented at EFOOD2022 3rd International Conference

Nídia Braz, Inês Gago-Rodrigues, Ezequiel Pinto, Sandra Pais from the University of Algarve, Portugal gave a presentation on NECTAR at the recent EFOOD2022 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food, Designing for Change, which took place at the Lisbon School of Architecture on 28to to 30th April, 2022. 

The Theme of the presentation was “Cooking in health care – a new approach to a new profession”

A copy of the presentation slides is available here 

Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare

News: Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare

The International Journal of Integrated Care, an international peer-reviewed journal, recently published the message that food & nutrition is a cornerstone in healthcare and the Chef Gastro-Engineering plays a crucial role in the future integrated healthcare.

This groundbreaking message can be read for free at this link  Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare – Current State and Innovation Needs: A First Overview of the NECTAR Project (aN Eu Curriculum for Chef gasTro-Engineering in Primary Food Care) (   Or via International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22:7. DOI: