aN Eu Curriculum for Chef gasTro-engineering
in primAry food caRe


The main result of the NECTAR project is the release of a European Curriculum for Chef Gastro-Engineering (CGE) professionals.

A first version of the Curriculum was released at the end of the first year of the project. Then, its efficacy and flexibility were tested through the implementation of 5 pilots in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Austria. A comprehensive evaluation process involving different stakeholders has been implemented throughout the project duration and it took to the refinement of the Curriculum and the delivery of the final release.

The final release of the CGE EU Curriculum includes the description of 67 Learning Outcomes (LOs) grouped into 7 Units of Learning Outcomes (UoLs).

Learning Outcomes are described in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Personal and Transversal Competences. 

The CGE EU Curriculum:

  • Is based on a CGE Occupational Profile made of 29 Core Competences characterizing the CGE at EU level;
  • Is learning-outcome oriented and compliant with the main EU standards and tools for VET such as ECVET, EQAVET, ESCO, EQF, etc.;
  • Is general and across the board, since it is supposed to play a reference role for any VET designer targeting the CGE profile in any EU country;
  • Is modular and flexible, since it is supposed to be adaptable to different contexts and rules in different EU countries;
  • Enhances Work-Based Learning.

These features will enable transparency and comparability of the localized curricula and will support the recognition of this qualification by regulatory bodies.

The European Reference Curriculum for CGE developed by the NECTAR Project targets chefs (ESCO profile – EQF4) and aims at awarding an EQF5 level. Due to its flexible and modular design, it can be adapted to target and award a specialization in EQF4. Thus, taken as a whole, the Curriculum can be used to design CGE specialization courses awarding from 30 (minimum for EQF4) to 90 ECVET Points (maximum for EQF5).

Specific guides included in this Kit support the adaptation of the EQF level and the related number of ECVET points.