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NECTAR project’s main results demonstrated to be general, across the board and thus suitable to play a reference role for any VET designer targeting the CGE profile in any EU country. Their exploitation and sustainability need to rely on a solid group of entities who are interested in collaborating to promote and implement actions based on NECTAR’s results even after the end of the project.


Based these premises, NECTAR’s Partners agreed to establish a NECTAR Network for Cooperation and Mobility (NNCM), extending this commitment to collaboration from the project partnership to any external actor interested in the CGE Curriculum implementation and providing education, training, placements and/or assessment, validation and recognition in the culinary field in Europe. Future collaboration may focus on networking or dissemination or developing concrete initiatives supporting students’ mobility and mutual recognition of qualifications across countries.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been identified by NECTAR’s partners as the most suitable instrument to formalize such a network. The NECTAR’s Curriculum is characterized by some traits supporting its flexibility and adaptability, such as the possibility to adapt it to address both EQF5 and EQF4, or to tailor the number of ECVET points assigned to each Learning Outcome (LO), or to compose courses modules assembling the 67 learning outcomes in many different ways. Due to these characteristics, it is difficult to formalize specific agreements supporting the mutual recognition of qualifications across countries in a unique MoU. Such detailed agreements, fundamental to support students’ mobility, should be detailed in specific bilateral agreements. In these bilateral agreements, the two signatories should define effective mechanisms to map the actual instantiations of the Curriculum implemented by specific VET providers in different countries for mutual recognition.


Thus, the “NECTAR NETWORK for COOPERATION and MOBILITY Memorandum of Understanding” establishes a Network between partners of NECTAR Project and other external actors, addressing two main objectives:

1. setting out a general framework for cooperation and networking between the signatories, establishing a context for possible future collaboration on new projects, exchange and mutual trust;

2. setting the ground for possible future bilateral agreements between signatories.


The above objectives correspond to two main levels of engagement of the member of the network:

1. at a first general level, signing the “NECTAR NETWORK for COOPERATION and MOBILITY MoU”, an entity only commits to recognize the CGE Curriculum as a reference document at EU level and to promote the further development of the network;

2. as an optional second level of engagement, the members of the network may decide to sign additional bilateral agreements, defining effective mechanisms for mutual recognition of the CGE Curriculum and Qualification and for students’ mobility.

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