Developing a European Network

Developing a European Network for the Education and Training of Chefs and Cooks Working In Health and Care Settings Based on a “culinary-clinical integrated approach”, the NECTAR Project, funded by Erasmus+ Programme, has delivered a Chef Gastro Engineering (CGE) EU Occupational Profile and a learning outcome-oriented and modular EU Curriculum for the training of this… Continua a leggere Developing a European Network

Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare

The International Journal of Integrated Care, an international peer-reviewed journal, recently published the message that food & nutrition is a cornerstone in healthcare and the Chef Gastro-Engineering plays a crucial role in the future integrated healthcare. This groundbreaking message can be read for free at this link  Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare – Current State and… Continua a leggere Chefs in Future Integrated Healthcare