Zorgwaard offers, based on its Protestant-Christian identity, an integral concept of housing, welfare, care and services to all citizens in Hoeksche Waard, while adding value to the quality of life (well-being, meaning, happiness). Zorgwaard strives for small scale and proximity, in maximum connection with the loved ones of the care recipients, the volunteers and other partners in the local communities. Their innovative kitchen is also run by chefs-gastro engineering who can apply the concept of Food & Health. Zorgwaard has over 1200 employees and 1000 volunteers at eleven locations, including nursing homes, revalidation care and care at home. The Hoeksche Waard is known for their agriculture and ageing population, and as the concept of Primary Food Care has already been tested successfully with a sample of their 200 clients, their expertise is highly necessary for NECTAR.

Role in the project

Zorgwaard might be the leading elderly care organisation tackling malnutrition in the Netherlands. They have a very experienced CGE, who actively decreased the number of malnutritioned patients in his organisation together with his dedicated team. Zorgwaard’s approach and experience is necessary for the correct implementation of the five pilots and is used as a best practice for understanding the needs for the CGE occupational profile.