Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN)

The Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN), ASBL, brings together all accredited Reference Sites into a single network to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise; create opportunities for collaboration to address common health and care challenges; advocate with the European Commission on health and care, including active and healthy ageing, policies; and assist them in their development and implementing health and care reform programmes.  By bringing together multidisciplinary clusters of expertise (health, business, research, policy, social, etc) the RSCN facilitates its members in accelerating the development, deployment, and adoption of innovative health and social care solutions, including proven AHA delivery models and digital solutions, that provide real impact for patients and citizens, and contribute towards sustainability of services. The RSCN aims therefore are to:
  • promote active and healthy ageing by supporting and developing strategic collaborations across Government, Health and Care Providers, Universities and Researchers, Industry, and Citizens to implement innovative and multidimensional approaches to prevent disability, frailty and age-related diseases during the entire life-course, and to support independent living;
  • accelerate the deployment of major innovations which will improve health and care outcomes, and increase the sustainability of health and care systems, and create economic growth and jobs.
  • Role in the project

    The RSCN coordinates Work Package 7 – Dissemination, Exploitation, Scaling-Up, and Sustainability of Project Results along with having specific responsibility for Task 7.1: Dissemination, Task 7.2: Development of dissemination and communication tools, and Task 7.4: Scaling-up and Sustainability. Specific scaling-up activities will be enacted within the RSCN and assessed through the MAFEIP tool, including twinnings. The RSCN also contributes Contribute to the identification of CGE skill needs, support for the scaling-up of good practices, definition of the CGE Occupational Profile, and the design and evaluation of the CGE EU curriculum.