Liguria Region is a regulatory public body whose mission is to guide, plan, coordinate and control the management of the territory.

Liguria Region has representative, legislative and programming functions and, in some cases, of management in various fields: health and social services, territory and city planning, environment and soil conservation, economic development, agriculture, hunting and fishing, infrastructures and ports, public transports, international relationships, public constructions, EU programs, civil protection, education and VET, work, culture and sports.

The political powers of the Region are:

– The regional Board, elected by the regional citizens, which holds the legislative power and the other functions granted in the regional statutory regulation;

– The President of the Council, directly elected by the regional population, who represents the Region, chairs the Council, promulgates the laws and issues the regional regulations, besides being the head of the administrative functions;

– The regional Council, executive organ of the Region, which manages the regional administrative functions.

The administrative organization, which is articulated, multidisciplinary and flexible, implies that managers report to the Council about the implementation of the Government program and for the accomplishment of the ordinary and extra-ordinary administrative activity for each sector/department.

Role in the project

Liguria Region through the Education and Right to Education sector will be involved in the following activities:
  • definition of the occupational profile and needs analysis
  • design and implementation of the pilot in Liguria
  • translation of Open Contents in Italian
  • enrichment of the Regional Qualification System with CGE qualification
  • dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of the results
  • Its technical Agencies ALISA and ALFA will support Liguria Region in this role.