Higher Education Institute for the new technologies for Cultural Heritage and Tourism

The ITS BACT Foundation is a Higher Education Institute providing technical specialization EQF 4, 5, and 6 courses on Cultural Heritage and Tourism. It is recognized and co-funded by MIUR (Italian Education Agency) and the Region of Campania. The Foundation consists of several public partners (such as local administrations, schools and universities), VET organizations and SMEs working together to develop new educational projects for Higher Education students but also to bring innovative programs into schools of any grade. The ITS BACT Foundation is in fact also a knowledge community that studies, plans and implements educational projects with and for schools and shares with local enterprises its advanced expertise in tourism and cultural heritage management. The core activity of the institute is to provide innovative learning pathways, aimed to meet the changing needs of the Tourism industry and Cultural Heritage sector. All our courses are focused on digital technologies and innovative teaching methods according to the government program INDUSTRY 4.0. ITS BACT: Trains skilled technicians in response to the industry’s demand; Develops integrated systems of education; labor market; Fosters innovation for SMEs; Promotes technical and scientific culture; Establishes permanent partnerships with interprofessional funds and it will ensure lifelong learning for workers.

Role in the project

As the ITS BACT Foundation has the expertise for training chefs, indeed in the pasts years has already delivered 2 editions (plus one ongoing) of the course in Mediterranean Gastronomy Management (EQF 5), This considering the life and feeding style of the Med Diet as a cultural heritage, recognized by UNESCO, to be safeguarded and an instrument to guarantee health and longevity. The main role of the ITS BACT in this project is to design a localized course for CGE and deliver a pilot course.