SI4Life: Science and business together to improve life quality of elderly and disabled people.

The SI4Life consortium is a no-profit SME established in 2010 by 14 members with sharable background, knowhow and projects in life sciences and the assistance and rehabilitation of the disabled.  The primary aim of SI4Life is to carry out and support basic research and to transfer advanced solutions able to improve the quality of life in the assistance, rehabilitation, and social/cultural integration of people with sensory, neuro-motor, cognitive and/or mental disabilities.  The main interest operational areas include:
  • Construction of synergies between different actors involved in research, innovation, training, production and use of tools, technologies, aids for the elderly and/or disabled;
  • Creation of the best conditions to favor the qualification of human resources through continuous training and development of expertise in science and technology, such as strategic factors of success and competitive advantage;
  • Activation and strengthening of structures, equipment for new and existing research;
  • Support for the deployment and development of innovative projects shared between the research system and enterprises.
  • SI4LIFE past experiences in Erasmus+ include the coordination of CARESS SSA Project, and the involvement as partner of other 2 SSAs (ENhANCE, IN-TOUR). Si4life is also partner of the Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education oMERO project.

    Role in the project

    SI4LIFE will coordinate WP3 by leading the activities aimed at the development of the EU Curriculum and the tools for VET designers. As WP3 Leader SI4LIFE will coordinate the design of the pilots, the definition of patterns and plan for teachers and will lead the pilot teachers online training. SI4LIFE will also develop the project website and the disseminations based visual identity, relying also on the experience of SMEs associated to the hub.