Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO)

ILVO is an internal independent agency from the Flemish Government. The institute employs around 600 people, of which 50% are researchers. ILVO is currently involved in more than 50 EU projects. ILVO performs multidisciplinary, innovative and independent research aimed at economically, ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture and fisheries in a from farm to fork approach. In the coming research strategy, the research institute places its research efforts under the heading of “5G” (5 x “Gezondheid”= Health) in agriculture and food: healthy primary production (and fishing); healthy food processing, healthy socio-economic relationships, healthy consumption patterns, and a healthy environment. The ambition is to work on a systemic health of the agrifish & foodchain. The food science research in the Technology and Food Science Unit covers the entire food production chain: from primary agricultural and fisheries products to the processed product, ready for consumption with emphasis on innovation, sustainability and health aspects, linking quality aspects of food and human health. A Food Pilot plant is available, an analysis and service centre with expertise and infrastructure, such as a semi-industrial pilot hall where challenges and needs of the food processing industry can be elaborated on a small scale and are linked to demands from the market.

Role in the project

ILVO has much experience in both European projects, as in economically, ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture and fisheries. Their knowledge is highly sufficient to understand what kind of courses should be considered regarding the latter experience. ILVO also has a strong collaboration with the Center for Gastrology, and has much experience with the current curriculum of the CGE.