aN Eu Curriculum for Chef gasTro-engineering
in primAry food caRe


NECTAR last 36-months from November 2020 till October 2023. During this period 49 deliverables will be produced of which 23 are public: 
these are available on the project website in this page once finalized

Work package titleDeliverable/ Result titleTypeDissemination levelLanguage versionProvisional date
WP1 : Management7 confidential deliverables:
D1.1.1 Progress Activity Report
D1.1.2 Final Activity Report
D1.2.1 Progress Costs Report
D1.2.1 Final Cost Report
D1.3.1 Risk Management Plan
D1.3.2 Progress Conflict and Risk Report
D1.3.3 Final Conflict and Risk Report
WP2 Definition of a chef gastro engineering occupational profileD2.1.1 Report on cooks’ skills needs in the PFC and pre-existing training initiatives and curricula ReportPublicENMarch 2021
D2.1.2: Collection of good practices ReportPublicENApril 2021
D2.2. EU Chef Gastro-Engineering Occupational Profile ReportPublicENMay 2021
WP3 Design and localization of the CGA EU curriculumD3.1.1 CGE European Curriculum – first releaseReport PublicEN

October 2021
D3.1.2 CGE European Curriculum – final release Report PublicENSeptember 2023
D3.2.1 Tools and guides for designers Report RestrictedENNovember 2021
D3.2.2 Web based step-by-step guide supporting the CGE EU Curriculum localizationWeb based applicationPublicENSeptember 2023
D3.3 Instructional Design documents of five localized curricula and five pilot courses Report RestrictedENFebruary 2022
WP4 : Materials and Tools supporting trainers in the curriculum implementationD4.1.1 Educational toolkit platform description Report RestrictedENFebruary 2022
D4.1.2 NECTAR Educational toolkit platform implemented Web based applicationPublicEN, DUTCH, IT, POR, GER
June 2022
D4.2.1 Guidelines for teachers for curriculum implementationReport PublicENJune 2022
D4.2.2 Module storyboards and textsElectronic documents of all kindsConfidentialENAugust 2022
D4.3 Teaching Toolkit and Multilingual Open Contents Multimedia DocumentsPublicEN, DUTCH, IT, POR, GEROctober 2022
D4.4 Report on pilot teachers training and participatory creationReportRestrictedENNovember 2022
WP5 : Pilots deliveryD5.1 Report: pilot course implementation in BelgiumReportPublicENJune 2023
D5.2 Report: pilot course implementation in PortugalReportPublicENJune 2023
D5.3 Report: pilot course implementation in AustriaReportPublicENJune 2023
D5.4 Report: pilot course implementation in LiguriaReportPublicENJune 2023
D5.5 Report: pilot course implementation in CampaniaReportPublicENJune 2023
WP6 : Evaluation4 restricted deliverable :
D6.1 Evaluation and Monitoring Plan
D6.2.1 Intermediate Evaluation Report: EU Curriculum, Tools and Guides targeting VET designers.
D6.2.2 Evaluation Report: EU Curriculum, Tools and Guides targeting VET designers.
D6.3 Evaluation Report: Overall Teachers’ Tools.
Reports RestrictedEN
D6.4. Evaluation Report: Pilot courses Report PublicENJuly 2023
D6.5 Report on feedback loops: methods and results Report PublicENOctober 2023
WP7 : Dissemination, exploitation, scaling-up and sustainability of project results10 reports are confidential:
D7.1.1: Dissemination and Communication Plan (5 progressive reports)
D7.1.2: Dissemination Report (2 reports)
D7.1.3: Stakeholder map (3 reports)
7 restricted reports:
D7.2.1: Project Website (2 reports)
D7.2.2: Report on social media sites
D7.3.1: Exploitation plan – (2 reports)
D7.3.2: NECTAR Memorandum of Understanding – template
D7.4.1: Scaling-up Strategy and Sustainability Strategy
D7.4.2: Scaling-up and Sustainability Report
Reports ConfidentialEN
D7.1.4: Final ConferenceReport PublicENOctober 2023
WP8: Quality assurance5 documents restricted or confidential:
D8.1.1 Quality Assurance Plan
D8.1.2 Quality Register
D8.1.3 Concept for Collecting Advisory Board feedback
D8.1.4 Quality Management Report at mid-term and at the end of the project
D8.2.1 VET Quality Management Report at mid-term and at the end of the project
Electronic Document ConfidentialEN